How do I connect?
Once you book, your login info will be sent to you in the booking confirmation email. This login will work starting 30 minutes prior to the adventure. Once logged in, 15 minutes prior to the adventure start, the camera and hangout information will appear.
How may people can we have?
You can have as many as you want, but we HIGHLY recommend no more than 6 total. Otherwise it gets a little confusing with many people talking at once.
Do we all need to be at the same computer?
NO!! You can invite friends and family from anywhere in the world. However, there are a few things to consider.
1) You can only have 8 connections max.
2) The $49.95 covers 2 connections. If you want to have anymore people log in, its $14.95 per connection.
What else do I need?
-You will want a pen/pencil and paper to take notes.
-You may want to have multiple devices, one for the inventory and one for the live video. (Note: there are no additional charges for the inventory page connection)
What is the inventory?
Our missing person Dominic is very clever and left a way for his brothers to find him if he went missing. He built an inventory system to track items he hid along the way. As you find the items in the room, they will be added to your inventory on the Ready Mayor One website. You can further explore them for hidden details and even interact with electronics in the room remotely!!
Any other things to consider?
We highly recommend you test out your Zoom connection, microphone and speakers well in advance of your adventure. And if you are planning on casting to a TV make sure you have your mic and speakers setup so that they dont cause feedback and echo.

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